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To our customers:

We have lost everything to a fire on 6-12-08.

I have one shipment of balls and tassles that were in transit from Europe when the fire happened.
Please email pictures of your bottles for advise.
This is the best way to communicate. My land line phone is just an answer machine.

Replacement parts are very limited now. Available parts are indicated in color
It is not possible to replace what I had collected for years of buying out European companies that went out of business. I am getting new stock as I find it.


I no longer have a fax and no longer accept credit cards.





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Antique perfume bottles are one of the hottest antique collectables today. Remember those pretty ladies dressing tables with cosmetic tray holding a beautiful tall glass atomizer perfume bottle with long cord, ball, and tassel or perhaps a smaller DeVilbiss bottle from the 40's with only a rubber ball or puffer for cologne? There would also be a beautiful Bohemian or Czechoslovakian crystal bottle with cut or engraved glass stopper and dauber for that favorite scent.

Today the ones we get handed down in our families often have metal parts missing, or squeeze parts no longer in working condition.

Well, if that is the case, you have found the right spot for PERFUME ATOMIZER replacement parts, supplies, and restoration services.

PARADISE & CO. can replace the sprayer top, collar or cap on the bottle, cord, ball and tassel, or just a ball. We have many colors and styles to choose from. Also siphon tubing, and glass dauber replacements, funnels, and restoration services are available.
 Take a look at my Antique Perfume Bottles sold to see examples of how the new atomizer parts work on vintage bottles.

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